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Olympic Force Partnership

By JJ, 05/01/17, 7:00PM PDT


Exciting News!

Olympic Force Official Press Release

            The Olympic Force is excited to announce an official partnership with Harbor Soccer Club.  

This partnership is brought about through an already existing relationship of players and coaches as well as a common desire for the future of soccer on the Peninsula.  Building on our existing relationships with local clubs, Bremerton Soccer Club and Tracyton Soccer Club, adding a partnership with Harbor Soccer Club was the next step in helping kids advance through the ranks of youth soccer with as much opportunity as possible.


Part of the goal of the Olympic Force program is giving back to the community through better equipment, coaching, training and opportunities to all players regardless of financial ability.  Through existing programs like our Rising Force program (provides basic skills and knowledge of the game at an introductory level for the very youngest of players), and the Force Development Program (which will debut this year and holds a focus of helping youth players advance to the next level of ability), to being partners with Bremerton and Tracyton Soccer Clubs and directly supporting their Rec and Select programs, adding the partnership with Harbor Soccer Club gives the opportunity to support a Premier program as well.


More than anything, this partnership will benefit the youth players of Harbor Soccer Club through additional opportunities in training and experiences with the Olympic Force.  The players that are graduating from the HSC program and either preparing for a college soccer career or just looking to continue to play at the highest level possible, will now have a direct tie in to a local program specifically designed to provide those opportunities to our local players.


"We are extremely excited to embark on our official partnership between Harbor Soccer Club and the Olympic Force!  The Olympic Force will provide an excellent competitive platform for HSC players to continue beyond our youth level programming.  Offering both men's and women's premier adult amateur teams, current Harbor players and alum will have a place to call home when returning from college in the summer or just looking to continue playing at a high level following their senior year.

In addition, HSC players & families, no matter what the age, will see and feel the connection grow with the Olympic Force as we build on the many existing intertwined coaching and playing relationships. Younger Harbor players will have the opportunity to observe and interact with the Force teams regularly, in both training & game environments, giving them a taste of what it takes to play at the next level.

We look forward to the many possibilities ahead in the partnership between Harbor Soccer Club and the Olympic Force."

  • Jason Jarrett, Technical Director & General Manager, Harbor Soccer Club



“From day one of the Olympic Force’s existence, the youth of the area, not only being able to provide the opportunity to play but also the opportunity for them to play at the highest levels possible has been all the focus.  Our partnership with Harbor Soccer Club is a total win for all the youth of the area as it will truly provide added benefits for all involved.  In the end, youth soccer is supposed to be about the kids.  Through a commitment to improving that experience for all kids on both our parts, we feel that this partnership is a natural step toward truly providing a complete soccer experience for both clubs.”

  • Micah McMonagle, General Manager, Olympic Force