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Harbor Soccer Supporters Club

Supporters Club

The HSC Supporters Club is a community of individuals that provide additional support to positively further the mission of HSC by helping to make competitive soccer affordable and accessible to all players through our Scholarship Fund and furthering our efforts to build our own soccer field complex through the Field Fund.

Membership in the Supporters Club is open to anyone and everyone. All it takes to join the Supporters Club as an individual is a modest tax deductible donation of $50 or more ($40 or more is tax deductible). Corporate memberships are also available for $100 or more ($90 or more is tax deductible).

On top of helping to support the Scholarship and HSC Field funds, each Supporter's Club member will receive a HSC Supporters scarf and have their name proudly displayed on the HSC Supporters Club Wall. Every Supporters Club member receives an exclusive members only knit HSC scarf and recognition on the Supporters Club Wall.

Email the Business Director to become a member today!

Supporter's Club FAQ

Who can join?
Membership in the Supporters Club is open to anyone and everyone. After you join, reach out to your friends, family, neighbors… and get them to join the Supporters Club and support HSC in a unique and fun way.

Can I purchase HFC scarves separately?
Supporters Club scarves cannot be purchased separately. Supporters Club scarves are only provided as part of a Supporters Club membership; however, once you join, you can purchase additional scarves for $25 each ($15 is tax deductible). Join today to get your Supporters Club scarf and purchase additional scarves for your friends, family, etc.

Charitable donation receipt/tax record form.
You will receive your HSC charitable donation receipt/tax record form when you pick up your scarf. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact us at

What does the money from the supporter's Wall go toward?
The money raised through the Supporters Club goes toward our annual scholarships and to our existing Field Fund.  Unless otherwise stipulated by the individual Supporter, the donations are split equally between the two funds.  
Can I buy a scarf, but not become a Supporter?
No.  The Supporters Club scarves were designed only for supporters. Supporters Club members can buy up to an additional 5 scarves for $25/each.



Supporters Wall

Supporters (City/State) Date Players
The Welling Family (Gig Harbor) 05/2023
Chris & Kelli Maharry (Gig Harbor, WA) 05/2023
The Bellotti Family (Fox Island, WA) 05/2023
Law Offices of Tim Acker (Gig Harbor, WA) 12/2022
The Lee Family (Gig Harbor, WA) 11/2022
The Castellanos Family (Gig Harbor, WA) 08/2022
The Sciocchetti Family (Gig Harbor, WA) 02/2022
Oscar Canas (Gig Harbor) 01/13/2021
Denise Cole (Gig Harbor) 09/07/2020
The Parris Family (Gig Harbor, WA) 05/12/2019 Zackary Parris
The Rogers Family (Gig Harbor, WA) 05/13/2019 Jonas Rogers
The Mohit Family (Gig Harbor, WA) 05/13/2019 Ayla & Jade Mohit
The Smith Family (Port Orchard, WA) 05/15/2019 Nate Smith
Ken Martig (Gig Harbor, WA) 5/30/2015 Tyson & Addison Brent
Samuel Babbitt (Vaughn, WA) 11/3/2015
Shelley Lewis (Gig Harbor, WA) 11/3/2015