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Our Coaching Philosophy


Our Coaching Philosophy


The coaching philosophy of Harbor Soccer closely mirrors that of US Soccer and US Youth Soccer.  Following the 4 pillars of soccer, we will focus on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological attributes of each of our players


Technical Growth

We believe & understand that this is the individual groundwork of the game.  Our players will be technically able to dribble, pass, receive, control, & shoot. Technical goalkeeper training will also be available. It is only through strong technical ability that our players will be able to understand and execute the tactical side of the game. Because of this fact, at our youngest age groups thru the U12 level, technical development will be our primary focus with very little emphasis placed on the tactical side.


Tactical Awareness & Execution

Our players will understand how and when to apply technique according to demands placed upon them in the game environment.  Tactical strategies and systems of play will be understood by our players at increasing levels throughout their time with Harbor Soccer.  Although the tactical side of the game is present at all ages, emphasis in coaching will begin with the U13 age group.  


Physical Ability

The game of soccer is very demanding.  Without the physical, the technical and tactical will break down.  We will encourage the physical fitness of all of our players.  Starting at the younger ages, physical attributes such as balance, coordination, and motor skills will be emphasized.  As our players progress in age, more advanced physical training such as speed, agility, quickness and endurance will be encouraged and measured.


Psychological Development

Our coaches will understand the psychological differences between our players of different ages, genders and levels of cognitive development.  This will allow for the most effective instruction and the most enjoyable experience for our players. As players advance in age, the importance of positive psychological attributes such as attitude, dedication, desire, motivation, passion and mental toughness will be discussed and addressed in both an individual and team setting.